SÖRAB’s recycling centres

The best way of achieving a high level of recycling of bulky waste is to let households sort the waste themselves at a recycling centre. 

Households from the SÖRAB local authorities are welcome to visit any plant, and the plants are open at different times spread over the 7 weekdays.

Residents of the SÖRAB local authorities can take their bulky waste, electricity waste or hazardous waste to the recycling centres free of charge.

NB: In order to be able to take your waste free of charge, it is important that you as a private individual and the owner of the waste bring it to the centre.

Applicable rules and terms for private individuals at our Recycling centres »

Here on the right, you can see where our different recycling centres are located in the region. Below you will find link to our opening hours.

Opening hours at SÖRABs Recycling centres (In swedish!) »


Companies are welcome to leave small amounts of bulky waste at SÖRABs Recycling centres.

Read more about the applicable rules and terms for companies at our Recycling centres, choose language below.

Who has to pay at the recycling centre? (Information)

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Click on the flag for information in:  (1) english, (2) polish, (3) russian, (4) estonian, (5) latvian, (6) lithuanian and (7) arabic.


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